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Le Blanc® Towelwash® does not contain softeners or optical brighteners, which damage towels and ruin their absorbency. Even after repeated washing, towels will remain soft, full, and absorbent. All of our washes work in cold water, so you never have to worry about heat breaking down the threads.

Towelwash® may be used on all washable, organic fabrics including Egyptian cotton, silk, bamboo, modal, SUPIMA®, and more. Safely launder bath towels, bathmats, terry robes, and more. Towelwash® is available in Original, Summer Verbena, Portfolio, Lavender, Blue Violet, White Flowers and Fragrance-Free.

Towel Wash Gift Set - includes one 2oz. Towel Wash in Original, Summer Verbena, Portfolio,
Lavender, Blue Violet, and Fragrance Free.

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